SASCC Programs

All Stars
An interactive program to prevent alcohol, drug and tobacco use, violence, and premature sexual activity among middle school youth. The All Stars program focuses on five strategies that research says will decrease young people's chances of being involved in these behaviors.
Life Skills
Proven to be the most effective evidence-based program used in schools today. Designed to promote positive youth development and highlights personal self-management skills and general socials skills. In addition to helping kids resist drug, alcohol, and tobacco use, the LifeSkills * Training Middle School program also effectively supports the reduction of violence and other high-risk behaviors. * Considered a model program by the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention.
Coalition Building
Technical assistance and resources for community coalitions in developing an organizational framework that involves individuals, groups and organizations working together to build strengths and reduce risks in their communities. People learn how to assess and prioritize needs and create positive changes within the community.
Drug Free Workplace
"Creating a Drug-Free Iowa Workplace" is an educational program offered to businesses and agencies in Clayton County, Iowa. We provide technical assistance and resources to businesses who wish to create or update policies related to substance abuse; as well as informational presentations regarding substance and effects.
Tobacco Education
Promotion and implementation of tobacco prevention presentations in all school districts in Clayton County, Iowa. Encourage and engage high school students in tobacco control activities. We promote and encourage tobacco free campuses and public environments. Education on health risks of tobacco use and promotion of smoke-free workplaces. We also promote use of Quitline Iowa
Evidence based presentations:
  • Alcohol
  • Illegal Drugs
  • Prescription Medications
  • Over-the-Counter Medications
  • Skill building
    • Training of middle school and high school youth in communication skills and conflict management. Participants learn to communicate more effectively with their peers, friends, and family with emphasis on being a better listener. Strategies are taught with a hands-on approach, along with discussion of topics of concern chosen by the youth themselves.

Teachers discuss drug prevention success with LifeSkills Training (Mass Appeal)

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