to loan scanner for event call or email

See ID Scanner Demonstration

This free opportunity will help you and your employees/servers:

  • learn helpful hints for checking identification
  • learn how to identify valid and counterfeit ID
  • learn how to pass compliance checks!
  • learn what your rights and responsibilities are if someone presents an invalid ID
  • know how best to handle customers who have “had too much to drink”
  • See a demonstration and learn about a new ID scanner which can be utilized for community events

Retail sellers of alcohol, law enforcement personnel, and concerned adults and parents all have a common goal and responsibility - to keep our communities safe and healthy. We urge you, as responsible business people and license holders, to take advantage of these alcohol server/seller training options. Please feel free to contact us for additional information or resources.

Does your business have an alcohol policy in place?

This policy can help protect your business in legal situations. It also relays your expectations to employees.

ALERT is a free on-line resource the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division provides to help you create a personalized alcohol policy for your business. Visit to start developing a new policy or evaluating your current one.