A private non-profit organization providing services to the people of Clayton County, Iowa, since 1981.

Substance Abuse Services for Clayton County, Inc. is a private non-profit agency governed by a board of nine Clayton County residents and incorporated in the State of Iowa. We are funded by federal, state and county money, fees for services, donations from municipalities, individuals, service clubs and other organizations. We provide some services free of charge to Clayton County residents because of the generous contributions of many. If you would like to contribute, your donation would be greatly appreciated.

Substance abuse evaluations for those charged with or convicted of substance related offenses, or for those who feel they need help. Staff facilitate referrals to appropriate levels of treatment with licensed programs. We provide information, resources and support for those who suffer from substance abuse and the people who care about them.

***As of April 27, 2022, SASCC will cease substance abuse evaluations due to a change in staffing.  SASCC hopes this will be temporary and we will update the website as soon as a new employee is hired.  If you have questions, please contact us at 563-245-1546.  Thank you.

Consultation and Networking for private individuals with questions relating to substance abuse, treatment options and self-help groups. Information and assistance for businesses developing or updating their substance abuse polices or Employee Assistance Program. Technical assistance and resources for area coalitions, healthcare providers and school systems.

Prevention programming presentations and evidence based programs to all Clayton County School Districts, including Central Community, Clayton Ridge, Ed-Co, MFL MarMac, Starmont, St. Mary's, and the Alternative High School.

Informational Programs are presentations to schools, professional, youth, service, health care providers, businesses and church groups on: alcohol use and abuse, illegal drugs, prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, tobacco, drug-free workplace programs, or custom-designed programs to fit the needs of the audience.

We believe that

  • Alcohol and other drug dependencies are health problems needing evaluation and treatment;
  • Lawful, responsible use of alcohol is a right and privilege, and that abusers of alcohol and other drugs need to face the consequences of their behavior;
  • The pursuit of happiness means social responsibility; This means respecting the rights and welfare of others and their property.
  • Alcohol and other drug use can be harmful, therefore preventive education is necessary, especially for young people;
  • Others affected by alcohol and other drug abuse, especially families, need and deserve help;
  • Alcohol, other drugs, and driving do not mix and should not be tolerated;
  • Prospective parents should abstain from alcohol and other drugs;
  • That those who choose to or need to abstain should not be pressured to use.