A  private non-profit organization providing 33 years of service to the people of Clayton County, Iowa

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ButterflyEvaluation and Support 
 Substance Abuse Services For Clayton County, Inc. (SASCC) provides  substance abuse evaluations for those convicted of substance related  charges, or for those who feel they need help.  We also provide  referral services to appropriate treatment programs and support services for those who suffer from substance abuse and support for their loved ones. Privacy Policy

Consultation and Networking 
 Substance Abuse Services For Clayton County, Inc.provides consultation for private individuals with questions relating to substance  abuse, as well as, other treatment providers, law enforcement and the court  system.  We also provide information and assistance for businesses who  are developing or updating their substance abuse policies or Employee Assistance Program.

 Substance Abuse Services For Clayton County, Inc. provides prevention programs to all Clayton County School Districts, including  Central Community, Clayton Ridge, Ed-Co, MFL MarMac, Starmont, St. Mary's, Postville Community and the Alternative High School.

Informational Programs
a helping hand 
  Alcoholism and chemical dependency
  Smoking cessation
  Drug-free workplace programs
  Effects of substance abuse on families
  Recovery from chemical dependency
  Dynamics and effects of co-dependency
  Interpersonal communications
  Custom-designed programs to fit the  needs of the audience

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